Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Vacation 2009

Our Vacation was about one thing "RELAXATION." That's pretty much what we did.

Here's our bulleted outline of vacation
  • Saturday and Sunday- couch potato mode and look at pretty snow falling
  • Monday- hit up tannersville outlets and feasted at Pocono Brewing Company, ended our long day at Walmart!!
  • Tuesday- drove around the area for approx 5 hours! The kids did great and we covered major land and mileage. It was fun just finding random places only having a map in hand.
  • Wednesday- we got six inches of snow so we just hung indoors, cook, and ate all day.
  • Thursday- headed to Scranton and hit up Steamtown Train Museum for Michael. He was in train heaven and had a ball looking at all the trains and seeing everything there is to know about trains. We ended up at the Trolley Museum in the same parking lot. Here we ended up taking a 1 hour trolley ride on a historic 70 year old trolley that still ran along the train tracks. We went thru tunnels, chugged next to an old coal mine, and saw nature at its best. The tour guide was our personal guide since we were the only ones aboard, so he was filling our brains with so much useless Trolley info it was great!
  • Friday- cleaned up, went home to the hustle and bustle of christmas time. We purchased our tree and started decorating. ASAP

Enjoying first round of snow. Our dock is about 20 ft behind him, lots of rain :(

A view along our scenic 5 hour trek
Perfect Daddy moment. When your heart just melts...
Gingerhouse. I did not have fun doing it this year :/
46 train round-house

Lily is driving the train
Our Trolley

Conductor Michael

Pleasant Lily
The End. A wonderful and relaxing Vacation...


Jenafer on December 18, 2009 at 8:15 AM said...

looks like a FANTASTIC time!!!! :)

Colls said...

Dont forget .. got pregnant on vacation! (colls)

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