Thursday, April 30, 2009

Heat Wave

Well we did what many do during a heat wave. We headed to the shore. Usually its a bit cooler there as well. This saturday it was chilly at the beach with temps in the mid 60's. While temps back home were in the early 90's. We were thrilled to be missing the unusually high early temps. Sunday came and finally we reached the 80's and decided to cool off on the deck in a baby pool.

We also tried swimming in pots. Hey, we will try anything to stay cool in desperate times!

Once everyone finished there projects we headed to the beach to run wild. That was when Michael went swimming in the big ocean. Please note that temps are in the mid 40's. Thats just freezing. 

 I was cold watching him. He was not even shivering.

 Lily was cold watching them though. Notice her purple fist. hehe

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's about time

I suppose I should get this blog underway and be like everyone else. I hope I can actually stick with this and keep everyone up to date. Although, Mike already has little faith in me. I guess we will see and I will prove him wrong! 

Here are some recent pics of the kids doing what they love doing best...

Michael and his bubbles...

Lily just being Lily.... cute...



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