Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some really cool pics I think... lets see how I improve

Her friend next door!

New Camera

I am in love. Mike surprised me last night with one of the best presents anyone could ever ask for.

My Cannon SLR 15.1 mega pixel camera. I just may love this camera more then Michael Jr right now, ha ha just kidding!!!

Here is a photo of it. I will be posting loads of pics soon once I take a few more. I am still experimenting a great deal and once I master it, there is no looking back. Look out photo world, here I come. Yeah right!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

Well it has been a memorable summer for everyone. We have had such a blast these past 7 weeks. I have never been able to stay at the beach for such a long period of time. I lived it up everyday. We stayed very busy with beach activities daily and shopping excursions by evening. There was never a dull moment.

Lily grew by leaps and bounds this summer. She began the trip weighing in at 13 lbs and no teeth. She ended the trip with two lower teeth, crawling, and weighing in at 15.3 lbs. She is FINALLY on the charts (3 percentile)!!! She is getting such a personality as well. I see her watching Michael all the time, I can tell she just adores him!

Michael was in the ocean just about everyday. His confidence really grew this summer too. He is so confident in the ocean that I have had to pull him out because he makes me way to nervous. He will sit on the ocean bottom letting waves tackle him and go over his head. He responds to this by saying "woah Momma that was close." So I am proud but still cautious of him in the water. On the beach he would make friends and dig holes ( I usually got a nice break). His favorite part was watching the fishermen catch fish. One man was catching sand sharks and letting Michael carry them to the bucket. This was the coolest thing ever according to Michael. So now when someone is fishing he needs to be around and likes to pet the fish.

Here is Michael with one of his prize Sand Sharks.
Mom-Mom came for a visit and Michael jumped right in to snuggle and sleep.

No dress code required on vacation.
Anything can qualify as a pool, right?

Checking on Lily.



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