Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wikki Stix

I am not someone that would endorse an item right away, but this is an exception. Last night we went to dinner at Ted Montana's Grill. We did the usual once we sat down and ordered, I asked for some crayons so Michael can color. The waitress said oh we only have Wikki Stix. I said ok, whatever it is bring it I am sure we will make it work. Oh my goodness, these are the coolest little creative items I have come across.

Here is some info from website:

Ideal for tactile, hands-on learning from Pre-K through Middle school. No preparation, no mess, no cleanup! Use to highlight text on a book page, for making diagrams and cross sections, forming letters and numbers, as a math manipulative, arts & crafts, seasonal fun, bulletin boards and more!

"Wow! If you haven't seen Wikki Stix, you're really missing something. This product has a jillion uses-spelling, counting, any art project and just plain fun." - Review in Teaching K-8 Magazine

"These flexible, wax covered yarn strands might be the most interesting new teaching tool to come along in decades." - Science and Children Magazine (National Science Teachers Assn.)

Here is even more info:

Moms! Here are a few additional ideas for using Wikki Stix as Handy Household Helpers!

Extension Cords: Can be wound up and secured with Wikki Stix to keep them from getting tangled or unwound.

Hard to open jars or small bottles? Wrap a Wikki around the top and it will unscrew easily.

Sports Equipment: Tennis racquets and golf clubs with slippery grips will be much easier to hold onto if you wrap a few Wikki Stix around temporarily until you can get them properly re-gripped.

Crafts & Holiday Ideas: Use Wikki Stix to secure decorations onto wreath, or other craft creations: secure lights onto Christmas tree, cord into branches, outdoor lights onto nails. Make window display, cards, and gift wrap! Decorate a Valentine's box!

Around the House: Tie snack bags shut with Wikki Stix; secure candle in candle holder; photos down in place; circle important dates on the calendar (just cut Wikki Stix into short lengths and press into circle around date); wrap a Wikki around finger when turning papers or pages. Position stick-up reminder notes & information note to children...(like no TV until homework is done).

Emergency Help: Quick repair for jewelry, watchbands, eyeglasses.

Sewing: Use Wikki Stix to keep buttons close at hand when you are doing some quick repair work! Just stick one Wikki on table or wall, etc. and press the buttons you will need right onto it...easy to take them off one by one as you sew them on the clothing.

Workshop: Keep nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, washers...any small hardware in nice neat order and ready for use.

Hard to retrieve items: Drop something small behind the couch or counter? Put a couple of Wikki Stix on the end of a broom handle or coat hanger and the item will stick right onto it for easy retrieval.

I mean how can something so small have so many uses. Needless to say, once the waitress brought them to our table Mike and Michael went to work building. Lily tried eating, as usual. They built airplanes, people, flowers and my favorite glasses. We had such a great time waiting for our food. Once I came home, I went straight to the computer and ordered these babies. The best part about them is they come in packs of eight and include 50 packs. So I will now have these stashed all over, in my car, purse, diaper bag. These stix will come in handy in so many places. They are mess free, hello! Like I said I am not someone that promotes often but these were too cool to pass up!! Check them out and don't venture out without them!

Monday, December 21, 2009

First Snow Play

We literally got about 12 inches of snow in a day. Now a days that is unheard of. Global warming, what?!?!? Anyway, we had a great time playing in it. Mike was able to use our neighbors snow blower. I mean it would have taken forever to shovel it. Michael was out with him guiding him. It was funny to watch, he kept trying to run in front of get at times getting completely covered with snow, ahh the joys of being young. I cringe if I have to touch the snow with an unprotected body part. Michael was face first in the snow. It was also nice to see how the neighbors emerge from their homes and rally to clean up the snow. We had another guy come up with his snow blower and offer to do our driveway as well. Its nice to see people are still helpful and kind.

NO his hat should be brown not white!

Better not stand there long, not sure when it will fall. Cool pic though

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happiness is...

Cuddling up on the couch with your best friend during the first snow storm of the year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lily Monster

Michael loves his choo-choo around the christmas tree. Lily loves it to. It has not been on the track since we set it up a week ago :( Lily does not get trains need to be on their track.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Vacation 2009

Our Vacation was about one thing "RELAXATION." That's pretty much what we did.

Here's our bulleted outline of vacation
  • Saturday and Sunday- couch potato mode and look at pretty snow falling
  • Monday- hit up tannersville outlets and feasted at Pocono Brewing Company, ended our long day at Walmart!!
  • Tuesday- drove around the area for approx 5 hours! The kids did great and we covered major land and mileage. It was fun just finding random places only having a map in hand.
  • Wednesday- we got six inches of snow so we just hung indoors, cook, and ate all day.
  • Thursday- headed to Scranton and hit up Steamtown Train Museum for Michael. He was in train heaven and had a ball looking at all the trains and seeing everything there is to know about trains. We ended up at the Trolley Museum in the same parking lot. Here we ended up taking a 1 hour trolley ride on a historic 70 year old trolley that still ran along the train tracks. We went thru tunnels, chugged next to an old coal mine, and saw nature at its best. The tour guide was our personal guide since we were the only ones aboard, so he was filling our brains with so much useless Trolley info it was great!
  • Friday- cleaned up, went home to the hustle and bustle of christmas time. We purchased our tree and started decorating. ASAP

Enjoying first round of snow. Our dock is about 20 ft behind him, lots of rain :(

A view along our scenic 5 hour trek
Perfect Daddy moment. When your heart just melts...
Gingerhouse. I did not have fun doing it this year :/
46 train round-house

Lily is driving the train
Our Trolley

Conductor Michael

Pleasant Lily
The End. A wonderful and relaxing Vacation...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guest Blogger anyone?

I have a job opening for anyone who knows my family to update my peeps on our happenings since I am not capable to do so. I obviously have become such a slacker, I need to get back into the groove.

Problem is we have been so busy lately with traveling to the mountains, birthdays, friends, activities, school, holidays. There is just too much going on that I have soo much to update you all on it would take forever. LOL.

So after this next week of vacation I will promise to get back on the saddle. You have my word. In the meantime get your christmas shopping done and get off my blog til next week!!

Love to you all!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Merrymead Pumpkin Patch

I have been coming to the same farm each year for Halloween since forever. I want my kids to get the same joy each year I had growing up. Michael already is a huge fan. Lily was happy to be along for the ride.


Harley the Hog (he is HUGE)



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