Monday, December 21, 2009

First Snow Play

We literally got about 12 inches of snow in a day. Now a days that is unheard of. Global warming, what?!?!? Anyway, we had a great time playing in it. Mike was able to use our neighbors snow blower. I mean it would have taken forever to shovel it. Michael was out with him guiding him. It was funny to watch, he kept trying to run in front of get at times getting completely covered with snow, ahh the joys of being young. I cringe if I have to touch the snow with an unprotected body part. Michael was face first in the snow. It was also nice to see how the neighbors emerge from their homes and rally to clean up the snow. We had another guy come up with his snow blower and offer to do our driveway as well. Its nice to see people are still helpful and kind.

NO his hat should be brown not white!

Better not stand there long, not sure when it will fall. Cool pic though


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